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Radiowave 2.7m Extra 300 SR Builders Kit


2.7m Radiowave Extra 300SR with DA-100, flown by Co-designer Jason Shulman

Meet the one of the newest versions of the Radiowave Extra family, the 2.7m Radiowave Extra 300SR. This airplane was designed in conjunction with Jason Shulman, to continue our tradition of competitive, great flying, and high quality airplanes. The Extra 300SR version is somewhat of a departure from our traditional IMAC designs with the SR version being an extreme 3D design.

Like all of our Radiowave builders kits the Extra 300SR incorporates our extremely easy to build, self-aligning interlocking construction. For those people that are looking to get the highest quality kit in the industry, have unbelievable performance, yet have an airplane that can still be affordable the SR or any one of our 2.7m Extras are for you. The 2.7m Extra 300 can be setup on a budget by using such engines as the DA-85 without loosing any performance compaired to a 100cc.


Wing Span: 106 inches (2.7m)

Wing Area: 2000 sq inches

Fuselage Length: 94.5 Inches (2.4m)

Engine: 80cc - 120cc


2.7m Extra 300SR Features:

    • Interlocking Fuselage Design for self aligning & quick building
    • Premium Fiberglass Cowl & Wheel Pants
    • Plug In Foam Wings
    • Plug In Foam Stabilizers
    • Foam Vertical Fin & Rudder
    • Aluminum Wing Tube, Tail Tube, Landing Gear
    • Designed For Canister Style or Tuned Pipe Exhaust Systems
    • Designed to Accomodate 2 Servos Per Wing
    • Designed to Accomodate 1 Servos Per Elevator Half
    • Built-in Rudder Tray For Pull-Pull Setup
    • Optional Bays for Rudder Servos In The Tail


Radiowave 2.7m Extra 300SR Kit


2.7m Extra 300SR Builders Kit Qty: Price: $999.99
Extra shipping charges will apply

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Available Accessories:

Accessory Pack

Accessory Pack Includes:
  • 1- 32oz fuel tank
  • 2- 4 inch wheels
  • 2- 3/16" axles
  • 4- 3/16" wheel collars
  • 1- 3 feet Gas fuel tubing
  • 6- Control horns (4 aileron, 2 elevator)
  • 1- Rudder Control horn

2.7m Accessory Pack Qty: Price: $94.99

Carbon Fiber Landing Gear


Graph Tech 2.5m & 2.7m Carbon Fiber Landing Gear Qty: Price: $109.99

J & J Tailwheel


J & J Carbon Fiber Flat Style Tail Wheel Assembly Qty: Price: $80.00
Not a Stocked Item

J & J Titanium Tail Wheel Assembly Qty: Price: $75.00
Not a Stocked Item

Desert Aircraft DA-120



Desert Aircraft DA-120 Qty: Price: $1215.99
Not a Stocked Item

Muffler Set for DA-120 Qty: Price: $135.99


Desert Aircraft DA-100L


Desert Aircraft DA-100L Qty: Price: $1020.00
Not a Stocked Item

Muffler Set for DA-100 Qty: Price: $135.00

Desert Aircraft DA-85


Desert Aircraft DA-85 Qty: Price: $815.00
Not a Stocked Item

Wrap Around Pitts Muffler for DA-85 Qty: Price: $115.00








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