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Radiowave 3.1m MX2 Competition Series Builders Kit


Co-Designer Jerry Hailey's 3.1m Radiowave MX2 Powered by a DA 200 with JTEC QC-120 Canisters.


The New 3.1m Radiowave MX2 is our latest offering in the Radiowave Competition Series aircraft. The 3.1m MX2 has been designed by two time Tucson Shootout Champion & U.S Nationals Champion Jason Shulman, along with the expert help of Designer Jerry Hailey and utilizes the latest techniques to save weight while still being a strong aircraft that anyone can enjoy.

With its advanced airfoil designs on all flying surfaces the 3.1m has exceptional rolling and snapping characteristics while at the same time giving it awesome flight tracking and downline speeds. The 3.1m MX2 was designed for highest levels of IMAC and 3D competition and has proven to be an exceptional aircraft. The MX2 includes Aluminum gear, fiberglass cowling & wheel pants, Carbon fiber wing tube & tail tube to keep the airplane light and strong. In times where many pilots are loosing there flying sites the smart design of the Radiowave MX2 allows for full length tuned pipes to help keep noise down and keep your flying site safe.



Wing Span: 123 inches (3.1m)

Wing Area: 2710 sq inches

Fuselage Length: 118 Inches with spinner

Engine: 150cc - 220cc


    3.1m MX2 Competition Series Builders Kit Features:

      • Interlocking Fuselage Design for self aligning & extremely quick building
      • Includes balsa & hardwood materials needed for construction
      • Premium Fiberglass Cowl & wheel pants
      • Plug In Foam Wings
      • Plug In Foam Stabilizers
      • Foam Vertical Fin & Rudder
      • Foam Belly Pan
      • Foam Hatch
      • Designed For Canister Style or Tuned Pipe Exhaust Systems
      • Designed to Accomodate 3 Servos Per Wing
      • Designed to Accomodate 2 Servos Per Elevator Half
      • Built-in Rudder Tray For Pull-Pull Setup
      • Optional Bays for Rudder Servos In The Tail
      • Motor Box with firewall locations for DA-150/170 or DA-200
      • Carbon Fiber Wing tube and Tail tube + Carbon Fiber sockets

      Competition Series MX2 includes all standard builders kit items plus

      • Full Balsa Fuselage sides
      • Carbon Fiber Landing Gear
      • Carbon Fiber Tail Wheel
      • 8 Composite Control horns
      • Wing bolts & Blind Nuts
      • Carbon fiber laminate strip for wing reinforcement
      • Scarf Joint Tool


3.1m Radiowave MX2 Competition Series Builders Kit

Engine : Qty: Price: $2450.00 ***Verify Engine & Click Update in Shopping Cart***

Extra shipping charges will apply


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Available Accessories:

Accessory Pack

Accessory Pack Includes:
  • 1- 50oz fuel tank
  • 2- 4.5 inch wheels
  • 2- 3/16" axles
  • 4- 3/16" wheel collars
  • 1- 3 feet Gas fuel tubing
  • 10- Control horns (6 aileron, 4 elevator)
  • 1- Rudder Control horn

3.2m Accessory Pack Qty: Price: $124.99

J & J Tailwheel


J & J Carbon Fiber Flat Style Tail Wheel Assembly Qty: Price: $80.00
Not a Stocked Item

J & J Titanium Tail Wheel Assembly Qty: Price: $75.00
Not a Stocked Item

Desert Aircraft DA-150


Desert Aircraft DA-150 Qty: Price: $1415.00
Not a Stocked Item

Desert Aircraft DA-170


Desert Aircraft DA-170 Qty: Price: $1715.00
Not a Stocked Item

Desert Aircraft DA-200


Desert Aircraft DA-200 Qty: Price: $2840.00
Not a Stocked Item







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