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1/3 Scale Taylorcraft Short Kit



JTEC Radiowave is now offering a short kit of the 1/3 Scale Taylorcraft, which is an updated and modified adaption of the Bob Nelitz plans. JTEC's modified version of the plans include our redesigned the wings to utilize our carbon fiber wing spar constructon which makes the wing extremely strong and also easier to build. The short kit also includes larger tail surfaces, a modified firewall to accept canisters or tuned pipes, along with all the laser cut parts needed for the fuselage.



  • Wing span 112in.
  • Length 88 in.
  • Engine: 50cc - 100cc (plans show quadra 50)

Modified Short Kit Laser Cut Parts:

  • Plywood Wing Ribs
  • Plywood Wing Tips
  • Balsa Tail Section
  • Plywood Fuselage Front Section
  • Plywood Firewall designed to accept Canisters or Tuned Pipes

For More information and pictures on JTEC's Modified 1/3 Scale Taylorcraft Short kit click here

1/3 Scale Taylorcraft Short Kit Modified Version Qty: Price: $519.99
***Extra Shipping Charges will Apply, Shipping Boxes are Oversized ***


Image of the Wing Construction on JTEC's Modified Version of the 1/3 Scale Taylorcraft

For Plans of the 1/3 Scale Taylorcraft and the required parts please feel free to email us at sales@jtecrc.com






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