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JTEC HP-90 Tuned Pipes


JTEC HP-90 tuned pipes have been designed to maximize all around performance on your 70-90cc single or 140-180cc twin engine. JTEC's tuned pipes are not only designed to increase rpm performance but more specifically they are designed to increase torque in practical rpm ranges. Testing of the HP 90 tuned pipes not only shows smoother transition through the midrange then comparable tuned pipes but an increase in all around performance.

The HP-90 tuned pipes are made of an all aluminum construction and have been developed for high performance while reducing engine noise. As with all of our mufflers the HP-90 tuned pipes are designed and Produced by JTEC right here in the U.S.A..


HP-90 Specs:

  • 2" x 39" (overall length of tuned pipe)
  • 28mm (O.D.) Inlet Tube diameter

Designed for :

  • 70 - 90cc Singles (DA 85, DLE 85, Evolution 80, ZDZ 80-90)
  • 140-180cc Twins (DA 150-170, DLE 170, 3W 140-170, ZDZ 160-180)

Recommended Setup:

  • Stainless steel flex header with standard header length - approx 12" long
  • Recommend mounting at 2 points to reduce vibration

HP-90 Tuned Pipe

JTEC HP-90 Tuned Pipe

Outlet tube : Qty: Price: $239.99

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Retail Price $239.99


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Single Pipe Mount


Single HP-90 Tuned Pipe Mount Qty: Price: $7.99


Double Pipe Mount


Double HP-90 Tuned Pipe Mount Qty: Price: $13.99


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Headers and accessories sold seperately. Available from Desert Aircraft or your engine manufacturer.




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