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All orders are filled on availability. Do to the extremely large variety of products J'TEC Radiowave offers, we do not maintain an inventory of finished parts. All parts are custom made as needed utilizing our inventory of raw materials. By building all products to order it also allows us to make modifications the customer my need during the building process.

J'TEC will make every effort to fill your order immediately. Some orders may take several days or possibly weeks to fill due to conflicting schedules in our manufacturing process. JTEC will try and give you an estimated build time for every order, this time is only an estimate and may be less or more depending on the situation and volume of orders in house. Before any item is built, the order must be paid in full.

Since your part is custom made it is essential that you know what your requirements are prior to sending in your order. JTEC will not be held responsible for fitment issues. JTEC items such as mufflers are designed to fit the engine you specified but not necessarily the airframe you are installing the engine and muffler in. It is your responsibility to determine what will work for your application. Please realize that we do not have the opportunity to see every airplane and engine combination so we may not be aware of any fitment issues for your application. If you have questions or need assistance with an order please contact us before placing your order. Also, if your engine requires muffler pressure please be aware that we do not supply pressure fittings with our mufflers. If you need a pressure fitting we suggest taking it off an older muffler or purchasing a dubro pressure fitting from your local hobby shop.

Orders placed by mistake and filled are the responsibility of the BUYER and will not be accepted for return or credit. Please do not order parts to test fit and return, they will not be accepted. It is also the customers responsibility to make sure they order the correct series or version of the part they need. Depending on the series or version of your engine or airframe key dimensions may be different and may effect the fitment of the JTEC product you ordered. For example some engines may have different exhaust port dimensions based on there manufacturing date and where they were produced. Some of these brands include BME, Super Tigre, ASP, Moki, RCS, RCGF, 3W, JC Evo, CRRC, SPE, XYZ, YDA, among others.

Any Warranty, Repair, or Replacement is limited to JTEC Radiowave Products only. JTEC Radiowave will not be held responsible for issues with any other brand we carry. All other products must be warrantied, repaired or replaced by that manufacturer. This is for all High End Technologies, Futaba, Desert Aircraft, Great Planes, Dubro, 3W Engines, or Graph Tech products. If you have any problems with any of these brands products we suggest contacting them directly. Under the links section of our website you will find a direct link to most of these companies.

ORDER SHIPPING: All shipments are considered F.O.B. origin shipping which indicates the buyer pays all shipping costs and takes responsibility for the goods when the goods leave the sellers premises. JTEC will try to provide tracking for orders shipped but we can not be held responsible for shipment delivery times and costs associated with shipments. The majority of orders ship via the United States Postal Service to help keep shipping charges down for customers. UPS and Fedex shipping may be available depending on the item but tend to be much more expensive so if you have any questions about the availability of other shipping forms please contact us before placing your order. If an order has shipped and we have provided you with a tracking number but you do not see any updates to the tracking, unfortunately we can not help and you must contact the shipping company directly for more information.

For international shipments we provide you with several shipping methods but please be aware depending on the shipping type you have selected limited or no tracking may be available for your order. As per agreeing to our terms when placing an online order you have also agreed to all of our shipping terms and we will not offer any refunds on items shipped due to length of time or accept any disputes or claims through Paypal based on shipping.

If for some reason JTEC receives your muffler back for an undeliverable address we will contact you to verify address and if needed make other arrangements to deliver the product that you have ordered. If order is sent to address provided and found undeliverable it will then be the customers responsibility to pay for shipping on the second attempt as well. If JTEC contacts you as a customer for an undeliverable package and you as the customer makes no attempt to redeliver the item by providing a updated delivery address or payment JTEC will hold the product for 90 days from original order date before we consider the product forfeit. Any order that is forfeit will go back into inventory and considered JTEC's property.

FOREIGN ORDERS: May be held for several days pending credit verification. It is the policy of J'TEC not to ship overseas orders by over night service. Over night service will only be available after all credit information has been processed or other arrangements for payment have been made.

PRE ORDERS: A pre-ordered item is an item not yet in stock or one that has not arrived. When an item is put on pre-order you will be charged a deposit. A pre order deposit is NON REFUNDABLE. When your order arrives you will be contacted for the balance of payment and to arrange shipping. Due to processes and circumstances beyond our control date of expected arrival of merchandise may change. In no way will this effect pre-orders.

CUSTOM ORDERS. Are non-returnable. No credit or refund will be issued for custom parts. This includes all orders with customer supplied measurements and mufflers that have the snuffler system added to it. We strongly suggest making a mockup or template of some type to double check your measurements. If design is left to JTEC Radiowave a design fee may be applied.

ORDER PROCESSING & CANCELLATIONS. Since all JTEC Radiowave products are built to order all orders must be prepaid. If you choose to cancel your order please contact us a soon as possible to do so. Once your order has been processed you are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% or higher depending on the item. All cancellation fees will be applied at JTEC's discretion.

MODIFICATIONS. If you have a muffler that you would like to have modified to help fit your application we will be glad to work with you. For all modifications we suggest contacting us and we can discuss your options. As with all custom orders, products that have been modified in any way are non-returnable. If you as the customer take it upon yourself to modify any JTEC Radiowave product all warranties are voided. JTEC Radiowave is the only one who is qualified to make modifications to our products.

RETURN ITEMS: Due to the fact that JTEC Radiowave builds each product to order we do not accept returns or exhanges on our products unless authorized by JTEC. We will be glad to work with you if your product needs to be modified to fit your application. All sales are final.

DEFECTS IN MATERIAL OR WORKMANSHIP: Defective items will be replaced free of charge only. It is the customer's responsibility to pay shipping and handling charges on replaced merchandise. Items being returned for defects in material or workmanship must be as new and are not subject to a restocking fee. Items being returned will be inspected to determine if an actual defect exists. Defective items will be replaced. Damage due to crash, misuse or modification will not be considered to be defective in material or workmanship.

Items that have been placed in service will be referred to our repair policy. This refers to merchandise that has been mounted, installed, run or assembled and those less packaging are some examples. As your part is being used in a hostile environment and are subjected to vibration and effects beyond our control.

J'TEC assumes no responsibility for damage caused by use.

REPAIRS: All repairs will be charged time (current labor rate) plus materials and shipping.

All product sent in as a warranty repair will be thoroughly inspected up return and JTEC will determine if the items is to be covered under warranty. Mufflers sent in that show signs of misuse including but not limited to overtightening will not be covered under warranty and will be repaired if possible at the customers expense. Any product that shows signs of modification by the customer including the use of straps or extentions will also automatically void the warranty of the item.

PRICES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Whether or not listed on our website are subject to change without prior notice. Sales prices may be withdrawn at any time whether currently listed on our website or any other media.

MUFFLER WARRANTY: ONE year warranty from the original date of purchase. Customer may be asked to provide a copy of receipt to show proof of warranty. Failure to follow instructions voids all warranty. The warranty on a muffler is automatically void with the use of a support strap, extention in anyway to exhaust tubes, or welding by unauthorized parties. Any muffler that shows signs of overtightening, loose attachment bolts, or misuse will not be covered under warranty. Please remember when mounting your muffler that you are making a mechanical connection to your engine and you are responsible for the security of that muffler.

If you have any questions about any of our Policies please contact us at 704-799-1658 or email us at sales@jtecrc.com.





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