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Plywood Servo Mounts


Standard sized servo box


Side Mount Servo Box


JTEC Servo Boxes are designed to help you mount that throttle, choke or any other servo that does not have a specific spot in your airplane. JTEC Servo Boxes work great for mounting your throttle or choke servo in your motor box or if you need somewhere farther back. You can simply glue in or screw in the servo mount pretty much anywhere on your airplane.

Designed for Standard sized servos!!!

Servo Openings:

Standard Servo Box - 41.5mm x 21.5mm x 32mm

Side Servo Box - 42mm x 22mm


Standard Servo Box


JTEC Standard Servo Box Qty: Price: $7.99


Side Mount Servo Box


JTEC Side Servo Box Qty: Price: $7.99






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