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Futaba 2.4Ghz FASST & FASSTest Receiver Line-Up


R7014SB - FASSTest 14 Channel Receiver


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• 14 PWM channels
• FASST and FASSTest
• FASSTest telemetry compatible
• S.Bus and SBus2 technology
• Dual diversity aerials
• Easy bind button
• Designed for high end models
• FASST Multi, normal and high speed mode
• High voltage input (up to 7.4v)

System: FASST/FASSTest 2.4GHz 14ch
Ports: 12 + S.Bus, SBus2, DG1, EVTP
Antenna: Dual diversity
Power Requirements: 3.7~7.4v (Voltage range: 3.5~8.4v)
Extra Voltage Telemetry Port: 0~70v
Battery Fail Safe Voltage: 3.8v (set for 4-cell NiCd/NiMH battery)
Dimensions: 37 x 50.2 x 15.9mm
Weight: 20.8g

1 x Futaba R7014SB 2.4GHz FASSTest 14-Channel Receiver 
1 X User manual


R7008SB - FASSTest 8 Channel Receiver


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• Bi-directional communication with a FASSTest Futaba transmitter using the S.Bus2 port
• Standard PWM output ports and S.Bus output ports
• Extra voltage port, 0-70V DC 
• PCB LED quick connection board
• Optional telemetry sensors may be connected to the S.Bus2
• Small and lightweight  

Modulation: FASSTest
RX Voltage Range: 3.5-8.4V 
Current drain: 75mA 
External Voltage Range: 0 - 70V DC 
Size: 24.9x47.3x14.3mm 
Weight: 10.9g

1 x Futaba R7208SB 2.4GHz FASSTest 8-Channel Receiver 
1 X User manual



R6208SB - FASST 8 Channel Receiver


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• 8/18 channel, full range 2.4Ghz FASST SBUS receiver system
• Easy programming with the SBC-1 channel setting tool, S-Bus receivers or PCLink software
• Full-range receiver with dual antenna diversity
• Utilizes digital serial data communication to transmit signals between the receiver and servos
• SBD-1 decoder cables (not included) allow the use of existing analog and digital servos
• Prevents mismatched servo / channel connections

Modulation: 2.4GHz FASST, 2048 resolution
Channels: 8/18
Range: Full Range
Voltage: 4.8 ~ 8.4V
Dimensions: 47 x 25 x 14mm
Weight: 14g

1 x Futaba R6208SB 2.4GHz FASST 8-Channel Receiver 
1 x SBus connection plug 
1 X User manual







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