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In Cowl Mufflers

For Gas Engines

Jtec In Cowl Mufflers are designed to replace standard muffler applications when you want to hide your engines muffler within the confines of your cowl.

We offer In Cowl Mufflers for a variety of brands. If you do not see your brand of engine listed below that does not mean that we cannot make one for you. We try to keep our website as up to date as possible but due to the rapid increase in engine manufacturers, especially overseas manufacturers, we may not have all brands listed. For those engines please email us for availablity or if you know they share the same dimensions as another engine please feel free to list that in the comments section of the order form listed below.

In Cowl muffler dimensions for most Gasoline Engines roughly 3" x 3" x 1", this does not mean other sizes are not available. If your application requires you to use a smaller size muffler please email us and we will be glad to help you.


Upright / Inverted


Upright / Inverted / Side

Upright / Side

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Engine Size

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**** Please Read Before Purchasing ****

Some engines may require a larger muffler or an additional spacer for proper fit or performance. For these mufflers an additional charge will be added to your total. If your engine requires this we will immediately notify you for your approval.

***Note*** JTEC does not supply pressure fittings with our mufflers, if you need a pressure fitting we recommend taking one from an older muffler or purchasing a Dubro pressure fitting from your local hobby shop.




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