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Wrap Around Pitts Style Mufflers


DLE 30 with Standard sized JTEC Wrap Around Pitts Muffler


Wrap Around Pitts Muffler


Our new line of Wrap Around Pitts Mufflers are designed generally for inverted mounted engines. Each muffler is made to replace the standard muffler using the existing mounting bolt location and exhaust pattern. The Wrap Around Pitts Style Mufflers are light weight, offer large expansion chambers to help reduce noise and are TIG welded for strength. Available for engines .60cc & up. Since each muffler is made when you order it we can also customize the muffler to your needs.


Want the sound of a canister but don't have the room or don't want the expense???

Try the Large Wrap Around Pitts mufflers which has twice the volume of the standard size. Click on your brand to see if the Large Size Wrap Around Pitts is available for your engine.

Or add a double snuffler system to your wrap around pitts muffler. See Snuffler page for details.

***Note*** JTEC does not supply pressure fittings with our mufflers, if you need a pressure fitting we recommend taking one from an older muffler or purchasing a Dubro pressure fitting from your local hobby shop.


Wrap Around Pitts Muffler Dimensions by Engine size

Engine Size
Header Depth
Standard Can Diameter
Large Can Diameter
.60 - 1.20cc 1/2" 1 1/4" 1 1/2"
1.20 - 40cc 3/4" 1 1/2" 2"
40cc - 85cc 1" 2"

2 1/2"

Top Flite Style Muffler 3/4" (Tapered) 1 1/2" ---------

***This is a generalized chart of muffler size, some engine/muffler combinations may be different. If you have any questions about a specific muffler please contact us before ordering you muffler. Depending on your application we may also be able to change some of the above dimensions***





JTEC Wrap Around Pitts Muffler Mounting Instructions & Tips

1. Clean engine threads and muffler bolts thoroughly with alcohol to remove any oils.
2. Apply a generous drop of blue loc-tite to each bolt.
3. If spacer is provided with muffler it is optional for you to use.
4. If an aluminum plate is included, the mounting bolts must be inserted through the plate prior to mounting.
5. If muffler includes lock washers make sure to use them when installing your muffler.
6. Use high temperature RTV for gasket material. If using spacer makes sure to use high temp RTV on both sides of spacer.
5. Tighten the muffler until snug. Over tightening the muffler may cause damage to the muffler and will void any warranty.
7. Check muffler bolts regularly.







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