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Functional Scale Exhaust


Spitfire (Tear Drop Style) Functional Scale Exhaust on Brian Taylor's P-40


Functional Scale Exhausts for P-51

Our Fuctional Scale Exhausts for P-51's are designed to work with an in cowl muffler and give you that real exhaust look and feel. The Functional Scale Exhausts are easily mounted and easy to use. Each version of the Scale Exhaust is available in 1/4 or 1/5 scale.

Our Functional Scale Exhausts have also been used on airplanes such as the P-39, P-63, ME-109, Stuka, and others.


P-51 style Functional Scale Exhaust

1/4 Scale Functional Scale Exhaust
Style Qty: Price: $199.99

Mounting Dimensions:

1/4 Scale P-51 = 10" x 1.25"


Also Available for your 1/5 Scale Top Flite P-51:

Special Wrap Around Pitts Mufflers for your DA-50 or DL-50

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